The Centre

The Centre provides a holistic approach to balancing and aligning the body utilizing manual therapy and client-specific movement training.

The Centre aims to increase true mind-body awareness to encourage clients to tap into their body’s innate wisdom.

Through these various services, good posture becomes effortless, breathing and moving easier, and the body becomes more flexible, more balanced and more co-ordinated.

The Pilates Method teaches greater body awareness both in terms of form and function beginning at the core. The Centre provides a fully equipped studio and instruction based specifically on the individual needs of each client.

The GYROTONIC Expansion Method has a child like quality to it. It encourages play in the spine, the ribs, the shoulders, the hips, the ankles and the feet. It is a great addition to any cross training program and complements Pilates, Yoga, dance, gym work, and other exercise modalities.

Structural Integration is a process which works on the deep layers of connective tissue, hydrating and lengthening fascia which releases many of the traumas that have created negative patterns over the years or through a specific injury. During the series, the body begins to realign and in time begins to move with greater ease, requiring less energy to function.

Craniosacral Therapy is a refined, non-invasive technique during which the practitioner uses gentle contact at specific points on the body. Stress and trauma are naturally released, liberating the nervous system and providing new levels of vitality, health and awakening.